Free Internet Download Manager

What is Free Internet Download Manager?

Free Internet Download Manager is a powerful and completely free download manager, internet accelerator and file management system. It supports HTTP, FTP, BitTorrent, Flash and will accelerate download speeds and can resume interrupted transfers.

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Top Features

  • Supports multiple protocols
  • Speeds up transfers
  • Resumes interrupted transfers
  • Flash Support
  • Scheduler and File Management
  • Completely Free
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  • Download Multiple Formats

    Free Internet Download Manager supports numerous protocols and formats including Flash, BitTorrent, HTTP, FTP, HTTPS and even Rapidshare files. Easily download Youtube, Google videos and convert them to any format you like. Comes with built in conversion tools and has enhanced audio and video support.

    Download Acceleration

    Free Internet Download Manager splits your downloads into numerous smaller pieces and performs multiple downloads simultaneously to maximize download speeds and minimize transfer times.

    Resuming Interrupted Transfers

    If a transfer for any reason is interrupted or fails, Free Internet Download Manager will automatically restart and verify all transfers are downloaded successfully.

    Scheduling Agent

    Free Internet Download Manager can also schedule downloads and allow you to start and pause transfers at any time. You can even automate shutdown or starting applications once transfers are complete to minimize wait times.

    Website Downloader

    Free Internet Download Manager can also download and spider entire or partial websites. You can filter by file extension, file name and a wide range of download options.

    Clicking Download will initiate the download manager, learn more.


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